Adoption Program

Adoption Program

ABRI partners with the rescue community to provide a working solution for unwanted adult cats and dogs. After providing lifesaving blood components every animal is available for adoption into permanent homes. Animals are in great health and behavior tested. If you are looking for a loyal pet companion, give Animal Blood Resources a call today at 1 800-2 HELP K9 (800-243-5759)
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Pets available for adoption

Success Stories


Tipper has become best friends with a cat. (Shhh! Don’t tell his former kennel mates.)


Aristotle aka Alfie and his owner enjoy tooling around the neighborhood in their three wheeler.


Tex is helping wrap Christmas presents.


Bueller’s new family reports that he loves to snuggle on the couch.


Jack has the privilege of accompanying his mom to work once a week.

Broomhilda and Carolyn

Broomhilda and Carolyn were lucky enough to be adopted by one of our newest staff members. (One of the hazards of working here)


Zaharra was renamed Thumper after one of her young owner’s favorite storybook characters.


Shy Sanford shares his new home with a very exuberant beagle.


Arlo didn’t have to be trained to use the pet door; all he had to do was watch the cat use it one time.

Sadie and Pieper

Sadie and Pieper enjoy sunbathing on their deck.


Kelso reminds her family of Begera from The Jungle Book.


Ronde loves to play in the backyard with his new buddy Pickles.


When this family adopted Sunny, they added a ray of sunshine to their lives.


Riley’s middle name is Houdini.


Maya is relishing the quiet of retirement.


Santa Claus brought Elfie and “Chris”mas families to call their very own.


This household has two superheroes living there.


Gabby is searching the Christmas presents to find his catnip toy.


Cupcake picked just the right sized lap for a snooze.

Vanilla and Sherbert

Vanilla and Sherbert’s family created their own version of the cream sickle when they were adopted together.


Mohammad calls one of those “Tiny Houses” seen on television his home.


Pam was adopted by a National Guard family and her new name is Cami (Camouflage).


Piglet aka Banjo has taken up jogging since his retirement.


Odhin had his own seat on the airplane when he flew to his new home just outside of Washington DC.


When a former youth volunteer wanted to add a cat to his growing family, he knew just where to look.


James, a former beagle blood donor, has settled in nicely with his forever family. His owner Norman says, “Thanks so much for giving us our two new family members, they have adjusted quite well in our home.”