About Animal Blood Resources International

Animal Blood Resources International was the first commercial blood bank for domestic animals in the United States. Our committment hasn’t changed in our more than 25 years in business; to provide the highest quality, safest and reliable blood products and components to veterinarians and researchers across the world.

From packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, to our lyophilized cryoprecipitate and albumin, with Animal Blood Resources International in your corner, now you’re prepared!

At Animal Blood Resources International we save animals through transfusion medicine and provide much-needed blood and transfusion supplies to veterinarians and their patients. We also provide 24/7 technical support to veterinarians and their clinics. We rescue and adopt healthy animal donors otherwise destined for euthanasia, and often we provide the first compassionate home they’ve ever known.

Founded in 1988, ABRI has introduced veterinary practitioners around the world to transfusion medicine. Our founder, Stan Carlin, DVM, is credited with developing the very first blood bank for animals.  As we have grown, we have earned the distinction of being the largest veterinary transfusion supplier in the world.  With a commitment to product development, quality control, and establishing relationships within the animal help network – we are proud of the work we do and of the life-saving contributions we make.

Our Donor Program

Healthy, safe and happy – from their fate at the pound, we rescue unwanted and un-adoptable animals and give them a home. Here they do much more than play, eat and sleep – they save lives through humane blood contributions for veterinary patients in need. We are committed to ongoing adoption efforts for all our animals, and in the meantime we have plenty of love to give our donor and “retired” friends for their safe and content future.

What We Do

Simply stated: We provide blood to veterinarians to save the lives of animals. We lead the veterinary transfusion supply field and have done so since 1988, by providing the highest quality blood products possible. Animal Blood Resources International (ABRI), is the only blood bank that is USDA and CDFA certified.

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